Using Roon with Auralic Aries G2 and Rockna Wavelight DAC

Roon Server Machine

I am using Roon on my Dell i7 laptop.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Internet: 100mB fibre optic to the house with Shell wifi hub
D-Link switch: Ethernet connection to Shell wifi hub
Library: Ethernet connection to D-Link switch
Aries G2: wireless

Connected Audio Devices

My digital system is:

  • music library: Melco N100 with ethernet connection to
  • streamer: Auralic Aries G2 with USB connection to
  • DAC: Rockna Wavelight

Number of Tracks in Library

7500 albums in DSD, WAV, FLAC & MP3

Description of Issue

The Aries G2 is Roon Ready and can be used as an endpoint. Do both the Aries and the Wavelight have to work with Roon in order to be able to use the upsampling and DSD conversion facilities in MUSE? See the screenshot below.
Thanks, Neil

It should work, have you tried it and it didn’t?

You have to set on the Aries the output to USB. By default it is digital outputs (AES, SPDIF).

Thanks for your reply. Yes I tried it and it doesn’t work (see below). I used a Gothic Audio Semperfi USB cable to connect the Aries G2 to the Rockna.

Sorry for being a novice. I didn’t realise that the upsampling and conversion options were in the Custom dropdown menu. This is now working for PCM.

However, for DSD64 there is no option for it play in native DSD. When I use Lightning DS with my Aries G2, the track is played in DSD64. However, in Roon it is only played in PCM at whatever rate I set in Custom. Why are there no DSD options? Thanks.

There is no DSD option in the Sample Rate Conversion dropdown.

Can’t say for sure but what are the dsd options in the G2 settings in roon? Maybe the G2 is not passing the DAC capabilities to Roon? Look under show advances in your first image posted above

Hi @Neil_Russell1 ,

Are you still having issues with this behavior or have you been able to resolve the DSD output for these devices? Do let us know if you need more assistance here.