Using Roon with Denon AVR

Firstly, this being my first post, let me say how impressed I am with Roon at this early stage.

I’ve installed Roon server on my QNAP 473 and it works just fine. I’ve set up a number of audio output options, but one which I had hoped would work - and doesn’t- is the HDMI link between the QNAP NAS and my Denon X4300H. Is there some reason why this is the case? Or does your product only work with wirelessly connected devices?
One again, well done in producing such an excellent product!
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Welcome to the forums Stephen.

Interesting question. Maybe the QNAP doesn’t share its HDMI connection with other interfaces or applications it’s running. There would need to be a link between the QNAP OS that’s outputting to HDMI and Roon somehow.
Does the Denon show up as an airplay device when it’s connected to your network (wifi or wired)?

Almost certainly a limitation of the QNAP environment, I would think, given that Roon running on Windows, MacOS and the ROCK operating systems supports audio over HDMI to AVRs just fine.

Paging @crieke - he knows much more about the QNAP environment than I do…

Absolutely correct Geoff, and thanks for responding so quickly. Problem solved with some tweaking of the QNAP HDMI setting…

Hi @Austar,

I’m glad to hear that things are working for you now!

Can you verify what settings you adjusted to make this work for you?

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