Using Roon without an internet connection

Hey there, I will have a tradeshow, where is no internet connection possible. I have a router/switch a NAS and the nukleus. I want to play digital conent via Roon.
This is a two days trade show. Can I do so without lock in?

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Hi @anon26308295,

Roon does require you to periodically connect to the internet or it’ll log you out after some time, but that time is many weeks. As long as Roon is able to access the media on the NAS with your setup you’ll be able to use Roon without an internet connection for the trade show.

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What sort of a trade show is it that doesn’t have internet for the exhibitors!
Best to plan to set up your mobile as a hotspot just in case.

Hi Dylan
thanks for the help!

Please don’t ask! It is analog oriented onewith a not so strong bias on the computer audio world!
I will break up…

Frustratingly tried playing the tracks stored on my Nucleus’ additional SSD while the internet connection was tempoorarily down for day at most. Didn’t let me listen to anything locally stored despite a Roon life licence. If that’s normal behaviour, the concept is bad practice. I’d be very happy to learn any workaround, if someone knows one. Very many thanks in advance!

@MBI I think that is a workaround

There is an open feature request:


It was discussed in depth after the launch of V 2.0 , so that a lot of “grunt” work can be done in the cloud , a constant internet connection is now required

Search the forum you will see several (often irate) reference

Many thanks, but I have no clue on how to use my phone as an internet spot for my nucleus to work. Would be grateful if you told me dear Trajan_Boldea.

Thanks, voted! Am shocked how such a limitation came into force. Amazing.

Nucleus does not have wifi, it is not recommended but if you really need you can get a usb wifi dongle. Or for example I have a router from my mobile company works on the 4G network as my phone does and does have ethernet ports. I do not know if there is a adaptor, OTG like, from phone to ethernet

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That’s a really good idea that so far had not registered in my mind. I just checked and it turns out that with my new Fritzbox 6690 router, for instance, I can simply USB-tether the Fritzbox to my (Android) phone and use the cellular network for the whole house. I just got an unlimited data plan for ARC anyway :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, this removed my anxiety over this issue. :slight_smile:

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That is wonderfull, and if you do not need speed for multiple streaming, I think 4g can handle one stream. Using my cell phone internet and their router on a iMac YT wasn’t at best quality but still was usable.

Happy for it (removing the anxiety not the anxiety itself :slight_smile: )

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I guess I could use a Poe Ethernet adaptor for my iPhone if I got good cellular reception at home, unfortunately it’s dire.

Indeed it’s a great solution.
I was without internet for a week and used my company mobile hotspot tethered by USB to my work computer so at least I could get some work done.
At a pinch I could have set that PC up as a Roon Core and got away with it.