Using Roon without an internet connection

Hey there, I will have a tradeshow, where is no internet connection possible. I have a router/switch a NAS and the nukleus. I want to play digital conent via Roon.
This is a two days trade show. Can I do so without lock in?

Hi @Armin_Kern,

Roon does require you to periodically connect to the internet or it’ll log you out after some time, but that time is many weeks. As long as Roon is able to access the media on the NAS with your setup you’ll be able to use Roon without an internet connection for the trade show.

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What sort of a trade show is it that doesn’t have internet for the exhibitors!
Best to plan to set up your mobile as a hotspot just in case.

Hi Dylan
thanks for the help!

Please don’t ask! It is analog oriented onewith a not so strong bias on the computer audio world!
I will break up…