Using Ropieee offline

I’m a noob that hasn’t even installed Ropieee yet. Before I do so, I’d like some guidance on the following question: is there any reason not to use my Ropieee installation without an internet connection?

I am aware that installation of Ropieee requires an ethernet connection to the internet, which is fine. My question is about the use of Ropieee after installation.

My use case is as follows. Ropieee will run on a Rpi4 as a transport with a HAT (Allo Digione Signature) to output S/PDIF to my DAC. The streamer will receive the data stream from a dedicated server (Mac Mini) over a wired ethernet connection. The Mac Mini and the Rpi are connected to an ethernet-only (so no WiFi available) router. The router is not connected to the Internet. It is a dedicated audio streaming network that has no connection to my main home network (that is connected to the internet). The audio router could be bridged to my main home network, but I do not intend to use it that way. At least, not as the default situation.

So my question is: does Ropieee expect an internet connection for normal operation and will it cause errors if no internet connection is present?

It will work but how do you manage to operate Roon with no internet it needs to have internet access to retrieve metadata and license. You won’t also get any updates adding new features or bug fixes.

Thanks, good to hear.

I wasn’t aware that Roon has an active logic for displaying metadata, but read up on it after reading your message. My library is extensively tagged and has embedded artwork. But apparently Roon works out how to display that information depending on what’s available?

License is also not something I considered. You mean the license to use the Roon software?

Updates I did consider. I don’t mind plugging it in from time to time to get updates.

Maybe I’ll connect it after all to not miss out on all the good stuff the internet has to offer for enriching the Roon experience.

I think Roon without internet would be somewhat useless.

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I use ropieee without internet connection, but roon core is connected. Works fine.

Are you sure about that? Cause RoPieee every boot up will sync up with ntp server via internet. So it can works without it?

yes, sure, just confirmed it on two devices during reboot. My router provides NTP information, but I cannot confirm, if this solves the problem nor if it a problem at all that you do not get NTP access. Maybe ask @spockfish as he should know.

NTP eventually times out. It will then try to sync time over HTTPS, which will time out as well obviously.
So yeah, in the end it will continue.