Using speakers from PC causes roon to dissconnect those speakers (audio)

Put simply, I am running roon server on my linux desktop, connected with my phone, and using the speakers my desktop use as an audio option for the app.
Works fine, but if I then, say, open a youtube video and play audio from there, then once im done try to go back to music with roon, it will come up with the “Device not found” error. Only fix is rebooting pc (and thus the server too.) shutting the server down and back up again does nothing.
no amount of fiddling with the app seems to help, nor disabling the speakers from my desktop then re-enabling them.

any clues?

It sounds like whatever software you are using to play youtube videos is not releasing the audio device for Roon to re-engage.


Unreal. That was the answer. Well, I got there from this so, thanks so much!

For future me or those stuck:
Pulseaudio was indeed hogging the device even when not playing. Why? I don’t know, it was not consistent. Everything from a script to fix it each time to removing some packages worked for me, but I ended up installing pipewire in the end, which is working perfectly. Better, even, as there is somehow less delay when doing things.

All the best!

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No Problem! Enjoy the music. :notes: :notes:


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