Using the Parametric EQ causes interruptions while playing a song

MacBook Air (M1) ; Big Sur

First of all, I’m new to Roon and I’m using the Parametric EQ for the first time right now. But I using Amarra for quite a while (and their Parametric EQ was/is a reason to do so).

My Problem now: when I use the EQ with Roon, while playing a song, I generate interruptions anytime I’m using the EQ changing something. This is annoying as hell. I never had or have the same issue with Amarra. And it doesn’t matter if I’m streaming music or just play a song from my own collection.

So, what am I doing wrong here? I mean, that can’t be the way it should work, right?

When you apply the changes it interrupts.

Yes, exactly. I change Band 1 e.g. from +1db to +0.7 db and when finished moving it interrupts shortly.

That is by design (unfortunately), due to buffering. It should only be a brief interruption though. Anything longer and there is an issue somewhere. Agreed it is annoying and does not exactly invite tweaking.

See reference here in another thread:

Sure, it’s pretty short. But a little longer when streaming from Tidal for example. And why can’t I adjust the Buffer to avoid it? I mean, who is using an EQ when this cause interruptions all the way. Thinking about optimizing my EQ for different Headphones, Genres etc. seems to be crazy with this kind of setting.

How disappointing this is. I mean, I know that it can work.
Puh. And I was so happy having the opportunity using Roon now…

Ah, and thanks for the statement. Wow, “it’s not gonna happen…” After 3 Days using Roon concentrated Ireally can’t imagine to buy Roon. I never would have thought that…
EQs who can’t be used proberbly, Playlistintegration with Tidal which is… well. Right now this Software makes my Music Experience so much more complicatetd and frustrating… puh. I need a break to reconsider…

Unless you sit playing with DSP all day surely it’s a set and forget operation?

Sure, sometime, when all is set, it’s not that annoying anymore. But I use different headphones, hear a lot of different genres and I admit, that I really like optimizing with EQs. For Single Bands, partly even for single Albums or songs . This is definitely not possible with Roon. Or I need an overdose of Patience…

Or just a set of ready made presets for each headphone, saved in Roon as a Preset:

You can’t adjust DSP in real time to match your taste. You can however, set up a variety of DSP and save the settings to be applied as needed. For instance, I have a DSP setting for my speakers, another setting for my headphones, and another setting for a second DAC I use occasionally.

You can store presets and just switch them in when needed.

Great minds think alike :wink:

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Well, thanks for discussing it. But like I mentioned, I like to use the EQs more “detailed”. And I’m not optimizing Numbers and Curves, I’m optimizing what I hear (and how I like to hear in a very moment). And that changes (with my mood e.g). And even my hearing has changed over the years too…

Real time adjustment could be implemented. There need to be a desire and a justification that makes the resource cost needed to do so look less scary :slight_smile:

Significant pipeline and probably DSP redesign, two tiers of endpoint (one with DSP, the other without). A means to seamlessly transfer DSP from core to endpoint and back is probably desirable as well as we dont really want to be running excess code on endpoints except when absolutely needed.

All doable when you know sample offset and processing sample latency everywhere so can synchronize switch over. As a side effect, such work would fit in with plug-in enabling the pipeline as well, though currently that would become a platform problem - with windows, osx and linux needing to be supported and the desirable plugins being generally windows and OSX only while the desirable host for the core is ROCK.

Its all doable, but maybe more trouble and less return (because of outside factors) than anyone would like.

(I am a little familiar with the internals of a VST DAW having hacked around with the odd plugin now and then).

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