V High CPU use on macos

Roon client here on macos 10.15.6, i9 macbookpro 8 core, 64gig ram.

server is a roon NUC. Everything on ethernet. playout box is a Naim Muso QB on ethernet.

Playing a track on roon takes about 330% CPU, even though it is doing no work at all – its merely a control client.

Shut down roon client, CPU returns to normal. Restart roon client, CPU goes back up to 330%

methinks there is a significant bug in the macos client

They are looking into it. If you mooch around some of the threads there’s a few users seeing the same.

i shall mooch thanks

I have mooched for you. This is the main thread

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Unlikely to be WiFi. My MacBook pro has WiFi turned off. It’s on an owc thunderbolt base with 10Gb Ethernet.

But I will try turning WiFi on and off

to my surprise, turning wifi on dropped CPU use from 330% to 5%. Turning it back off did not make it rise again

something v broken in the network management code in Roon, i think

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I’m seeing Roon cpu utilisation gradually creep up on a headless Mac mini that I use to host Roon server, I notice it eventually when the players start glitching on music playback, the iPhone app gets slow and complains that Roon server is unreachable.
A restart of Roon usually sorts it out, the Mini is wired with wifi turned off.
It used to be rock solid.