V1.3 Playing DSD tracks, the purple "light" is now green

I am using Chord Mojo, and I have upgraded to Roon 1.3. On the previous 1.2 version, when playing DSD tracks, I would have the purple “light”, now it has turned green.

I noticed, looking at the signal path, that there is a conversion going on (DSD to PCM conversion, DSD64 to 352.8kHz PCM).

Is this normal? How do I go back to getting the best quality? I have looked at the settings and “DSD conversion strategy”, but I am offered no “native” option.

Any help/explanation?

The Mojo needs to receive DSD over DoP – you should set your playback strategy accordingly.

Also: is there any DSP involved in your signal path (volume levelling or other goodies from the DSP Engine) that could cause the conversion to PCM?

It shows purple now. I’ve disabled the DSP engine, and set volume control mode to “Fixed Volume”.

Sidenote: I really can’t tell any difference in sound quality, compared to the previous settings. Anyway, thanks!

Rene, do you mean that when upsampling with my Chord Mojo, I should not use PCM but DSD only? If so, why is this?

you can upsample all you want up to Mojo’s max capability (… DSD 256, right?)

just make sure you don’t downsample/convert DSD to PCM and make sure DSD playback is set to DoP :wink:

No, not at all – the above was for playing original source material in DSD to the Mojo losslessly (without converting to PCM).

When upsampling to the Mojo, I prefer PCM over DSD by a wide margin. Right now I upsample to PCM384/Minimum Phase, but I find the Mojo to be quite good with original (non-upsampled) sources. The jury is still out on that one. :slight_smile:

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