Valence Art Director in Roon

This does not look good. Can you make a separate avatar section in Valance just for logos and then have a setting in Roon which the user can decide to turn logos as avatars on or off?. @danny

Screen Shot 2022-01-05 at 5.26.32 PM

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It is temporary. Your cache will get flushed and it’ll be fixed shortly.

No. It’s better for the logos to just be used where they make sense, which we believe will happen.

I hope you’re right because if the majority of artists become logos your app will just look like a messy open source app and not the clean, modern and the very nicely designed product you have now. For example look at the band Rush, someone has uploaded 10-20 band logos as avatars and as of now it’s the star man logo.

Well do as I just did…go in and help fix that heinous crime!


Danny, I’ve contributed over a thousand photos to AD, but I don’t see the value in voting. IMHO, there’s not one winning solution that will meet the asthetics of everyone. It would be nice to choose among many artist photos on AD. I would also like to be able to contribute photos and as long as they aren’t rejected for cause, be able to download them.

My priorities are the avatar and wide banners (for Chromecast), so I won’t reject a photo if iit doesnt fit perfect on an iPhone.

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I also pointed this out in this thread

the problem is clearly this:

De gustibus non est disputandum

and i really think we need a small guideline doc with visual examples

Well, Kevin, i personally spent plenty dollar on a music playback software that didn’t require meticulous meta data grooming. And it was working fine, to say 95% of my expectations.
Now it’s looking like a dogs breakfast and i will have to fix it?
Sorry, i’m gently backing out of this cloud venture…


Then you should just skip contributing. If your “bad” crops are flagged too often, the system will deny you access anyway.

I seem to be getting a false flag here: being told that I’ve zoomed outisde [sic] the bounds of the original image - when I certainly have not; I’m well within the bounds of the image…

Roon 1930

I had that yesterday, but don’t remember the artist (might have been Green Day). The group was on a solid colour background with lots of spare space around them. I tried a few times then gave up trying to get a decent avatar.

Am I missing something, if I upload a photo VD only allows me to use that one image for banner, avatar and phone, which I am struggling to find images that do all three.

What is strange, that sometimes an avatar photo can be seen in the artist overview, but when I click on the artist no banner photo appears, even when I click on improve and there are perfectly fine banner images to be seen in valence.

Edit 1: Ok, if the banner photo do not appear, I have to go back to artist overview and click again on the artist and than the banner photo appears.

Edit 2: Sometimes even this does not help. ???

you are getting a valid response. The top of the image is outside the bounds by a bit. It just happens to color match perfectly, so you are ok!

Sometimes the avatar images seems to be misaligned in the artist overview.
If you check Anna Leone and Sarah Bareillis. In valence the avatar image is perfectly in the middle in the artist overview in Roon Anna Leone is moved to the right and Sarah Bareillis to the left.

Thx for responding, Danny. No one is rejecting my contributions to AD. I am just trying to understand Roon’s end game. Are all photos added going to be available to download? Or just the ones that get the most votes?

Thanks again.

Is there any way to see your own “bad” crops?
Or a way to know when you’re doing a bad job?

I would love to keep contributing, but this change of being locked out scares me :wink:

Someone who likes hip-hop/rap also likes logos…
Dr Dre
De La Soul
Gnarls Barkley
Ice Cube
Lauryn Hill
And… worst of all (to my eyes)… Wu Tang Clan

All of these are recognizable artists on avatars. The only ones which I’d argue have really recognizable logos are Run DMC and WuTang, and I still prefer the artist photos.

If anyone else wants to jump on voting for artist photos in hip-hop, definitely appreciate it!


As previously stated by Danny, logos are not allowed for individuals. So about half on that list will eventually be deleted.

Thanks. I know that they’ll get rules-based eliminated eventually… but I’m trying to rally folks on the general principle :slight_smile:

This currently does not have the most votes on a logo (by 2x). So when your cache updates, itll go to a photo.

However, I did vote for the logo just now, because ~9-10 dudes (hard to tell) in colorful clothes fit into a circle sucks, and this logo is great.