Valence Art Director in Roon

Copyright? You need to get clearance without attribution for everything you upload. This is why I haven’t populated as many empties as I would’ve liked despite having the high resolution images to hand.

if you can encourage your buddies to vote your way, feel free.

Everyone gets 1 vote. To use Art Director, you need a paid subscription.

If you want to buy subscriptions so you can vote more than once… :money_mouth_face: (I’m joking, for those who will surely accuse me of being serious).


By ‘people with an axe to grind’ I mean ‘people with a strong personnel preference’ so I agree.

Logos are good for metal fans too because most promo images are four-to-five stocky white guys scowling in monochrome.


I"m strange though, I kind of like BW. BW movies are a fav. Really enjoyed the Snyder cut of Justice League in BW.

Some avatar photos on the VAD page differ from “My Artists” page in the Roon app.

They seem to be cropped properly on the VAD page, but not so on the “My Artists” page.

For example, please check photos of Emmet Cohen, Miguel Poveda (actually, I would not crop it so, but anyway), Melbreeze and Mongo Santamaría in both pages.

The big problem with low res pictures is, that you cannot detect them. In the voting screen you only see small versions of the banners. I accidently have voted a (in preview) good looking banner and must detect that it is blurry once in full size.
On the voting screen we need to see pictures in full size, if we want to avoid wrong votes.


I have also added hundreds of images for artists/bands/contributors for which there were no Roon provided images. I’m assuming Roon is working properly and not replacing them as previously noted but I haven’t personally verified this. I’m not at all against replacing them with Roon provided images but the problem there is no way to do this easily. Would be great if art director would provide the ability to look at Roon provided pics for the ones I added and be given a choice to delete or override my image if I like roons better.


I’m pleased that a message about visible edges now displays when an avatar is adjusted.

Hopefully this will prevent me from seeing too many images like the user-generated monstrosities shared earlier in this thread.

There’s really no excuse. If you’re going to use this tool make sure you use it properly because your changes affect other users.


Some trouble:
1/ Some avatars look wrong in small format see the Beatles on W10 client:
Big avatar

Small avatar

2/ Narrow banner is bad (poor crop) on my iPhone 8 despite being correctly edited in Art Director for more than a week, for a bunch of artists, including:

We haven’t rolled out the server code to use the 4:3 crops yet… there was an issue found in QA.


I have noticed that more and more of my Artist avatars are turning into band logos. This is happening to the most popular artists too, not just artists that have no good pictures available. In the past few days I have gone from having about 20 avatars with band logos to 40. Is this just me and maybe the music I listen to? Or is anyone else noticing this?

I saw it too the last couple of days. Now again with Cabaret Voltaire. I find it really annoying and very ugly.


i’ve noticed it too… but i just go in and favorite otherwise and it changes back after a few days.

It was 2 votes total. One for a logo, one for a photo. Now I voted and so did someone else, both for a photo.

Voted too, and I voted photos for a bunch of others too.

I do go in and vote, but other people must be voting for the logo since my vote doesn’t change anything. If my vote does get an image in the avatar it always goes back to the logo a few days later. I am obviously being out voted…I don’t want the artist logo though

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Give me an artist or two, I can see vote counts and history.

I’ll tell you what happened.

I think one that got changed back was Tool. I also tried to change 3Teeth and 311, but I think those are just waiting for the cache refresh. I can’t remember anymore but I will start keeping track better. There are a lot of bands/artists that have great avatar images but are showing logos. Green Day is a good example. But also my point is that it would be much easier to just ignore band logos instead of having to go in and vote every time an avatar image gets changed to a logo.

I think you also mentioned that having us adjust images for Avatars would help the AI algorithm learn how to better crop images into circles and get their faces. Has it helped so far? I am just curious. I am doing a little bit of machine learning and find it interesting.

I think you already answered this, but I can’t find it. If/when art director gets integrated into the Roon app, will it be possible for users to make their own avatar images either from the banner image, or better yet a different image? Also just curious.


Oh funny, the Tool one; I actually voted for a logo! I love the logo that I voted for but I always hate cramming my favorite band into a small image, circular or otherwise. That said, it only has five votes, the next photo also has five votes, so it’s random which one will win, and then next few (all photos) have four votes each. It’s a close race, but it’s still early days so time will tell. I have noticed however that for some genres, especially some of the harder metal subgenres, instead of showing a bunch of long hair dudes in black T-shirts on a black background, the logos are greatly preferred by the voters.

For 311, the logo has two votes, and the next photo also has two votes, so again a random situation, the next few have one vote each. Again a close situation but with this few of votes, I don’t think it’s time to assume the logos have won.

Green Day is even more contentious, with the top four avatars all having only two votes each, and the other avatars having zero.

Right now it seems that the photo voters are divided because there are a lot of good photos to vote for, and the logo voters vote for the singular good logo. This isn’t universally the case, and as more cast their votes using that heart/favorite icon, I think the photos will win out.

I too have found some logos not ideal, but I usually just go vote for the photo I do like in that situation. In the Tool case I did the opposite, not liking the photo, I voted for the logo instead. If you don’t like the logo, go vote for the image or replace the image yourself for that artist.

Another thing to note is that voting has only been open since the public launch, but cropping was open for 2 months before the public launch to a large set of beta users. We have hundreds of thousands of crops, but not nearly as many votes. The votes will come in, and it’ll all get better. The entire idea behind this project is that it’s a living breathing thing that improves over time.

We aren’t training anything off this data until we get enough votes to be confident that the good images are actually good.

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Yeah I prefer and voted for the 3teeth logo.