Validity older Roon Backups after Roon Database Update

With the installation of Roon 1.8 build 933 , a Roon database update is required/performed.

My question is: are backups of previous Roon versions still valid after such a (or more) Roon database update(s).

As an example, would a Roon Backup taken at e.g. Roon 1.8 build 918 still be valid to be used if something goes wrong and I want to restore under current build 933.

I am keeping different a number of past backups, wondering if this in fact makes any sense?


As far as I understand, (unless there is a substantial change of which I am sure Roon would notify us users of), backups from the previous build should work. I’m not sure how far back that extends though. I am sure my backups from 1.3 probably will not restore correctly, for example.

Thanks for your reply.
I would appreciate on official response from Roon though.


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