Variable Volume no longer possible (only fixed volume)

Used Equipment
a) Core: Synology RS818+ / OS on SSD / 16 Ram
b): Connction: Ethernet / CAT5
c) Streamer Naim [ND5 XS 2]

Since some weeks it is not possblbe to manage the volume whith the roon app of the naim device (via PC). This feature was possible from app. Dec 2018 to begin of April 2019. After certain problems i had to take the naim from the power and do again the setting. I changed in the roon seeitings on variable volume but it is not longer possible to change the volume.There was no possibility to change the volume via roon app. Also after the update of roon there was no change. The volume can only be changed on the naim amp. Any ideas what could be wrong?

Hi @CTH,

Can you share a screenshot of Device Setup for this device?

Pls. find enclosed the screenshot. Fixed volume is not activated.

Hi @CTH,

In the Naim app can you change the device settings to Variable Volume?

Hi Dylan, I think in the naim app there is no feature for “variable volume” . I put in the naim app volume “visible” but it did not work.
Best regards

Hi @CTH,

Apologies for the delay here. Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in the Naim app?

Hi Dylan,
The Naim App is only available on mobile devices (i think it is not possible to make screenshot). From my point of view there is no possibility to make specific changes in the app (i was also contacting naim support). Maybe there are some changes in the roon app.

Hi @CTH,

We have instructions on making screenshots here.

It should be under Volume Mode:

Hi Dylan,
Ok thank but ich cannor find the “volume mode” in the naim app. maybe you can place some photos. It would be helpful.
best regards

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