Various Artists/Artist information display

I see several previous questions on threads without answer/solution, so here goes again.
When I have a “Various Artists” compilation playing the queue only shows “Various Artists” despite the fact that my files have actual artist name.
I do not appear to be able to change anything to show the artist name. Needless to say this is very detrimental to the experience.
Is there a solution?

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The same here. Lot’s of collections with various artists. iTunes showed their names, in Roon it’s ‘various artists’ or occasionally the artist name.

This is what I see in the queue when playing a Various Artists compilation.

This is from the album details:

Both screen display the performer …

I gather you are not seeing this, so either the album is not identified in Roon or Roon’s metadata is lacking.

You could try telling Roon to use the file tags.

However, most likely it’s Roon 1.3 (under development you will require as the focus for that release is much improved function and scope metadata editing.

Seems to be OK for me whenever the right metadata is there so its not a feature issue is it?

Or are these different views that people are looking at? I don’t seem to get the file format showing up under the time (not that I’m bothered about that, just wondering if this is a different view and I’m misunderstanding.)

Roon shows the Format per Track when there is more than one format on the Album

If you look at the graphic above, most of the tracks are AAC…but one track is ALAC…which is why Roon is displaying in the way above

Thanks I’ll never see that then, never thought that would happen but obviously some people get parts of an album from different sources. :slight_smile:

Sorry to divert this thread, lets get it back on track. In what situations does Roon display the artist information for each track in a various artist album and in what does it not?

Is this a metadata issue or a feature issue?

This is not a case of mixed formats. I am using iTunes to manage my metadata on files.
I recently imported a Various Artists CD which has each artist correct however in Roon it displays as Various Artists and despite going into edit mode and asking to display track metadata from the files they still show “VA”. I have 100’s of Various Artists collections so the inability to see each specific artist is very problematic and seems to be a problem with the software. I should also add that this particular collection is not in the Roon metadata bank.

Lots of info about this issue here but to make a long story short:

If these albums have sensible tags for artist (meaning the track artist) and album artist (in most cases, this should be Various Artists or the name of the DJ/compiler), this should work the way you want.

Let me know how it goes @Wayne_Carter (and @Aernout_Bok) and if that doesn’t help, @Eric or I can take another look at this. Thanks!

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That worked - thanks very much Mike.

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I tried one album (6 CD’s), after reorganizing it in iTunes, and that worked. Not 100%, but most of the artists (performer) showed up correctly. And it helps when I can identify the album…