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Hello, I am new to Roon just installed it last week, while it seems to be a great software there is one thing that annoys me. I am hoping that I just have not figured out how to do it.

So this is my problem: I do a search for “Matt Bianco”, and it finds one artist with that name. So I click to go to the artist page, all well so far. I see I have one album with the group, and 11 albums “with Various Artists”. Some of the Various Artists albums are albums with multiple discs. And now finally the question: How do I find where on the VA album the Matt Bianco song is? It can’t be right that I have to scroll through 5-6 discs, with 20 songs on each disc to manually find the song?
If it is the last song on, let’s say disc 6, I have to scroll through 120 songs to find it, this can1t be right?

If you know the song in advance, just type the song title in search perhaps.

Yes, I understand that. But when you are on the artist page, and see the artist has x-number of albums “with Various Artists” it would be an added value to see the name of the track and play it with a single click.


Hi @Baard_Ole_Grotta,

If you’re wanting to just find all tracks from one artist, one option is to navigate to the Track browser and filter the artist field to only show Matt Bianco.

See example of filtering by artist below:

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This is great, thanks!

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