Vega G2 in Roon

I am considering an Auralic Vega G2 streamer/DAC to replace my Auralic Aries/Comet DAC.

Can I run the Vega G2 as a streamer and DAC on Roon? Or do I need a separate streamer?



You can run the G2 connected via lan as a Roon endpoint, is that what you mean?

Yes, I was concerned that I would have to buy a separate streamer to run Roon on the Vega G2, and only be able to run the G2 as a DAC.

No you will be fine, it is a very nice unit, I auditioned one with the Leo clock and it sounded impressive.

Thanks for your help. BTW, I love Roon - it makes listening to music a dream.

I hope you enjoy your Vega G2.

If I may extend this thread a little, I too am looking at the Auralic Vega G2.
May I ask what you mean by “run the G2 connected via lan as a Roon endpoint”? Do you mean the G2 should be connected by ethernet cable to the device on which Roon is running (in my case a Mac mini)?
Separately, I see that Auralic has designated the Vega G2 as Roon Ready, but it is not listed as such on your Partners page. Is this just an administrative timing issue?
You also mentioned above that you have auditioned the G2. Has any further “auditioning” been undertaken and, if so, does it still look like a very nice unit?
Are there any plans to Roon Test the device?
I understand that it might be inappropriate for you to address some of these questions, however I’m just looking for some reassurance that this device is a good match with Roon.
Many thanks

It’s a perfect match - it’s officially RoonReady. You can’t get better integration with Roon than that.

But I see what you mean, G2 isn’t specifically mentioned here:

Thank you Sean. Much appreciated.
Can you also answer my question at the beginning of my post about how to connect the G2 via lan as a Roon endpoint? I’m quite a novice about these matters.
Thank you

Sure thing Grahame. I don’t have one but I’ve had a couple RoonReady endpoints - the setup is the same.

Connect your G2 to your home network via ethernet.

Then in Roon Settings, under Audio, you’re see a section called ‘Networked’.

If all goes well… you’ll see your G2 there in the networked section. Then you just ‘enable’ that zone, like you would have already done with existing zones and play to that zone.

If not… jump on the forum and scream for help and someone will help you out.

What are you using right now? Any networked endpoints or just a direct USB cable from Core to DAC?

I own and use a Vega G2 with Roon (I don’t use their Lightning DS app at all, since I don’t own any iOS garbage to run it on). I’ve been pretty happy with it.

Using the LAN does not need you to connect it directly to the Roon Core machine. Just connect it to your network like you would any other device. Unlike the Aries series from Aurelic, the Vega does NOT include a Wi-Fi chipset, so you must use wired Ethernet. (And wired is always preferred over Wi-Fi, anyway.) In my own case, I have the Vega G2 connected to the switch in the entertainment room, which is in turn connected back to the core switch in my computer room, where my Roon Core is also connected. Works perfectly.

Thank you.
Yes, I’ve just got a USB cable direct from Core (on a Mac mini) to an RME Fireface AD/DA.
I recently connected my Astell & Kern SP1000 to my system, went to Tidal, and played some of the music I’d already played with Roon through the Fireface. That told me that either (a) the SP1000 was a better player than Roon, or (b) I needed a better DAC. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.
I’m very happy with Roon. In fact I’m listening to it playing a Tidal playlist as I write this.
I really appreciate your assistance.

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Hi cwichura,
Thanks for this. You clearly have a more sophisticated setup than me. But your advice helps me better understand how these systems work.

Simple signal path in Roon using the Vega G2 as output:

OK, thanks for this.
I confess that I’ve been a Roon user for less than a week…so still learning (a lot!).
I recall seeing one of these diagrams. Is it something you get on the Vega G2 screen?

The signal path screen is from the Roon controller app. (Click on the coloured dot next to the name of the track playing to bring it up.) The display of the Vega G2 has a nice “now playing” screen that shows the track name, artwork, position within the track, along with the volume setting. (Personally, I leave the Vega G2 at max volume and set Roon to fixed volume mode for the zone as I use the volume control on the amp to adjust volume.)

OK. Thanks for this. I’m learning.

Guys, I have a WiFi network at home, using the Eero mesh system, with a Vega G2 running Roon and Tidal, as well as a NAS drive.

I have cable coming in via a modem to the main router, then Eero drop points for my stereo, bedroom and TV room (on different floors).

I have Vega G2, connected by ethernet from a router connected to the Eero. So you don’t need wired ethernet to connect to Roon.

Works like a charm

Hi Rodney,
Can I ask if you are streaming Tidal (or another service) through the Vega G2 using Roon.
I just received my Vega G2 today. It is now 11:45pm after a long and rather frustrating day trying to set it up.
I have the Vega G2 connected to my home network via ethernet, and to my Mac Mini via USB.
I have eventually learned that neither the Mac nor Roon can see the Vega G2 unless the latter’s input is set to USB. The moment I switch the Vega’s input to Streaming, the Mac and Roon can no longer see it.
As a result, I can stream Tidal through the Vega G2 using Auralic’s LDS app, but cannot use Roon and cannot play my own music located on the Mac; OR I can play my music, and Tidal music through the Vega G2 using Roon, but only if the Vega G2 is in USB input mode.
If this is the best I can do, it’s rather disappointing. Several people, including Auralic themselves, suggest that the Vega G2 produces superior SQ when in Streaming mode as compared with USB input mode.
I hope I’m doing something wrong and someone can set me straight. This is not what I understood “Roon Ready” to mean.

@Grahame_Miller When you enabled streaming on the Vega G2 did you also enable the G2 in Roon in the settings, audio tab?
When you enable Streaming on the G2 the USB input will be disabled so you would expect to no longer see the usb attached MAC.