"Version" information truncated [Ticket In]

Using a Windows PC with widescreen as the Roon remote, I notice that “version” information is truncated rather than split onto lines. See screenshot below for an example. As an aside, there is plenty of unused screen real-estate. How do I fix this?

Hey @extracampine,

Thanks so much for your patience while our team works through each thread. We reviewed your above issue, but weren’t able to reproduce it on our end. Are you viewing local files in the screenshot?

Please upload the selected media to the link below and we’ll take another look. Thanks!


Thanks @benjamin - yes, all my music consists of local files. What media do you want me to upload? The audio (FLAC) files, or something else?

Similarly happens for me whenever I type long version info into the Version field in Roon’s album editor.

Unfortunately, version info is usually in the album title in streaming apps, e.g.,:

Moving this automatically into Roon’s version field does not work for streaming albums (despite the choice in the library import settings), but I always move it manually because I find it horrible to have this in the album title. So I go to the album editor, fix up the album title manually, and copy the version part into the version field:

If it’s long, I end up with this, screenshot is from a Macbook Air 13". Obviously, on the 13" there is not so much space wasted, but the version does fade out rather than having a line break.

Without the sidebar, it is like this:

I remember this bug was reported years ago with no resolution. Here’s one such report (with no response);

I believe there were other support requests about this, but I cannot find them at the moment.

Here’s an example from my library (iPad 7th gen);

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I just noticed if you click on the review text to expand it, the version info on the right displays properly.

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Right, I never really noticed. Good enough for me, thanks

Not good enough for me, or for most users I suspect. The version info is primary and should be visible without having to do clicks. I acknowledge that there had to be some limit to the visible size, though truncating after only a few words is not acceptable.

I am willing to be disliked for saying that this is not a genuinely critical problem for “most users.”

I wouldn’t say critical, but it is a significant niggle!

Hi @extracampine,

I wanted to share an update in that our team has created a ticket with our development team for a fix to this issue. I’m not able to speak on any timelines, but I will absolutely follow up as things progress.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Great, good to hear @benjamin !

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