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Naim NDX2

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Description of Issue

After the update, the Version Tabs disappeared on my iPad (7th Generation) and iPhone 6S. The version tab remains unchanged and is still visible on my Windows 10 laptop (Lenovo Yoga).

In my case, this means that if I have imported a CD, and the same album is available in Qobuz in a different file format or HiRez version, I am unable to see that it is available in Qobuz. Albums in my library that were saved from QoBuz are still visible.

The “Tracks” and “Credit” tabs are still visible, but the “Versions” tab that used to be next to them has vanished.

Same here.

Likewise despite another update, re-install, reboot, etc. Doesn’t matter which version of the album I select from initial Artist search for Dire Straits. My subsequent album choice then comes up with Versions tab missing. Used to say Tracks Credits Versions. Very helpful feature!

I deleted and then reinstalled the Roon App on my iOS devices, and the Versions Tab reappeared.

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