Versions Tab missing


today I wanted to group two albums (one version Tidal one version available locally). The versions tab is missing on the album page, I have only Tracks and Credits.

Was the versions feature removed altogether? Or is this a bug that surfaces only in my setup?

Roon and Remotes are on build 1105.



It may be that the Tidal and local albums are different releases, and not different versions of the same release. Do the albums show up as two separate entries in the Album browser (if you’ve added the Tidal album to your library)? If so, you can select them both in the album browser, then open the album editor and group the alternate versions…


HI Thornsten,

Can you let support know what album this is you are referring to? Versions has not been removed, however, it will only show, as Geoff indicated, if Roon considers those albums of “Versions” of each other. Screen Pics of the two album page would be great as well.

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Thanks Geoff and Rugby. The first album I checked was named slightly differently in Tidal vs Local. I could merge them successfully by selecting both in the Album Overview.

The second album I checked was a remix and Tidal version showed cover art for the artist who remixed while the local album was recognized as different version of the original album.

So ultimately it was a user error an I learned about some new functionality. Thank you both for you quick help.



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