Vertical scrolling [Done in Roon 1.8]

Hi all,

Coming from a Sooloos Control:15 and Core Control (on iPad) background horizontal page scrolling is what I’m used to and I’m quite comfortable with it esp. on touch devices where flicking pages left or right seems very natural.

That’s said, I’m pro choice … but with the caveat that it does not force compromises that could degrade the performance / experience of the application. There’s also the priority of development features * to take into account; say Roon Speakers, Metadata matching and editing, cloud syncing, 64bit implementation, …, …, …, or Vertical Scrolling for the team to consider. So a lot for the Roon guys to take into consideration.

  • Just an example, don’t read anything more in to this arbitrary list.

I would like to see the vertical scrolling options for albums, too. For me it is a somewhat more intuitive “look and feel” way.
It would be nice to have the possibility to use the “up”, “down”, “left”, “right” standard control keys to scroll in the chosen direction.

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Vertical scroll is a must on a desktop computer. I went back to JRvier and found it was a much more pleasant experience. However, JRiver does not have TIdal integration. Currently using both Roon and JRiver.

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Come on Danny, can’t be that hard to deliver an option. You can clearly see that there are roon users who want this. Surely more useful and easier, than obscure the feature requests from the 10 users of a strange bit of DSD software?

+1 for vertical scrolling. Since it appears to be a matter of preference, an option to choose would be great. But given web pages are vertical, the natural instinct is to swipe up and down, especially on a tablet/iPad.


Having now used Roon extensively I agree it would be nice to have the option to scroll vertically (and it’d be my default), albeit is not a showstopper.

Something I’d much prefer over the current behavior of filling the screen with data and then replacing it in its entirety when you scroll is to be able to scroll dynamically much like you can today with any window that uses horizontal and/or vertical scrollbars. This way things don’t disappear off screen till you scroll far enough that the element needs to fall off screen to accommodate the next items.


As a new user, totally agree here. We should have an option to run horiz or vertical.


@danny @mike

Maybe you guys haven’t seen this yet, any opinion on this?

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I haven’t seen a response from the devs indicating that an option for vertical scrolling is on the roadmap or under consideration. I would expect that the devs are aware of this thread and will take into account the number of users requesting such option.

While happy for people to have the option to vertically scroll, I don’t personally put a high priority on it and would not like to see other features or improvements delayed while it is developed. I believe aversion to side-scrolling arises from insufficient playing of Defender in younger, formative years :smiley:


Having got an iPad pro for xmas I’ve finally been able to start to use roon properly even though I signed up months ago. After playing with it for a couple of weeks, here’s my 2p/c’s worth:

_ for me the problem is the inconsistency - sometimes horiz, sometimes vertical, with no prompting to help find out which. Consistency, whichever direction, would be best.
_ I’d prefer vertical, or a choice.
_ it would seems crazy to have one way on the pc version and another on tablet…imagine trying to re-learn the pattern each time you swapped…annoying.


I haven’t noticed any difference between my windows pc and my ipad. Where do you find the differences? I’m sure the Roon team would want to know as they are quite concerned about keeping things the same across all platforms.

Yes the main album view is horizontal and many other things scroll vertically which does seem to cause confusion and has given rise to these many requests for the option to make it all vertical scrolling. Don’t you find a bar at the right hand of the window when you can scroll vertically which you can also use to scroll vertically more quickly and a similar bar or dots below them when you can scroll horizontally. Is that not enough prompting, what more would you want? Just wondering not trying to be critical.

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Hmmm…I have to say, that the more I’ve used Roon with it’s horizontal scrolling, the more I have gotten used to it. If the option to change to vertical scrolling was introduced (which it probably should be), then I’m not sure if I would change now. Maybe this is what the Roon team were planning :smiley:

What I would suggest is that having both vertical and horizontal scrolling (which exists just now to an extent) allows for more powerful browsing options. For example, on an artist’s page, you could scroll down from the pic & bio to see albums, singles & EPs, compilations, bootlegs etc (as will hopefully be implemented in the near future), and when you find the section you want (e.g. albums), you could scroll sideways on that section to browse, thus staying on the main artist’s page, for more consistency. Just an idea.

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I use some other programs, too. And I still miss the vertical scrolling in roon

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[quote=“extracampine, post:52, topic:821, full:true”]For example, on an artist’s page, you could scroll down from the pic & bio to see albums, singles & EPs, compilations, bootlegs etc (as will hopefully be implemented in the near future), and when you find the section you want (e.g. albums), you could scroll sideways on that section to browse, thus staying on the main artist’s page, for more consistency. Just an idea.

I hope they do not ever do anything like that, i’m sorry but that would just be an awful browsing experience in my opinion.
What you are suggesting means that if you have more than 1 “row” of a specific artists album, you would need to scroll horizontally to see the rest. Absolutely terrible idea compared to the current layout of albums being stacked in multiple rows.

I may be the odd one in this thread but I absolutely love the horizontal scrolling. To me it makes sense when it is used for browsing large lists.

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options are always good…


Hi @philr, re differences between different platforms. I didn’t mean to indicate that I had found any, I was merely voicing my opinion on some suggestions further up the thread to have different behaviours depending on platform, which to my mind would not be the right approach.

I’m using the iPad version mainly and don’t notice any scroll bars anywhere. Primarily, vertical scrolling is the generally expected behaviour. I don’t have a problem with horiz (but prefer vert) as long as it’s cued up to the user and consistent. For example. The overview page, latest additions to library. You cannot scroll this but it looks very similar to areas of the screen that you can horiz scroll. Then when you click view all you can scroll horiz. I’m assuming that memory and speed of loading stopped scrolling by default on the initial page load but it had me fooled as I swiped at it to try to get it to scroll…lazy loading might be an answer here.

Or, perhaps, thinking a little out of the box…the page might predict what the user would be interested in and prioritise loading of that. For instance if the user had just imported 50 albums, we could assume that latest imports would be a priority…it’d need some user testing though :wink:

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Yes, please have option for vertical scroll for albums and artists on a PC.


Yes…totally needed !!! Horizontal scroll (for a traditional PC) is counter intuitive and extremely annoying !!!
We need a choice here !