Vertical scrolling [Done in Roon 1.8]

As the title suggests - the user should be able to choose whether to scroll vertically, or horizontally as is the default in this software (e.g. when going through albums or artists). Most people would be used to vertical scrolling, and I would prefer this.


On a pc I agree, however on a tablet, which I typically use in landscape mode, I really prefer the horizontal swipe to go through the set.

But agree that it took me 2 sec to figure out it was a horizontal scroll.


On a Mac with a mouse with a scroll wheel rather than a trackpad, scrolling the wheel vertically results in horizontal scrolling in the app, which feels odd. Maybe simply making it a choice in preferences would be best?


+1 for this. For me on the desktop computer it just doesn’t feel natural to keep sliding sideways. Once the iPad app is released, swiping will seem more natural but for a desktop computer scrolling up/down would always be my preference.


I’d like this too.


Yes, a choice of vertical or horizontal for PC desktop would be great please. Despite using it loads, my dumb brain just isn’t wired to rotate a mouse wheel up/down to do a left/right movement. Thanks :blush:


If you close your eyes and press the down arrow you can’t tell the difference :wink:


Totally agreed! horizontal scroll is unintuitive and to me irritating. Option at least!


IMHO, Roon’s various Album and Artist browsers need to be considered like a “Page of a Book / Magazine”…rather than a page on the internet that needs to be scrolled down…and we all know that pages of a book move sideways, not downwards

Likewise, iOS and Android have HORIZONTAL scrolling on Home Pages and the App Drawer

So, keeping it in horizontal mode keeps the UI consistent between the Server app likely on a PC of some description…and the Remote app, which is likely a Tablet…and most people’s expectation there is to keep the scroll in the horizontal

I would argue that having it Vertical scrolling on a PC…but Horizontal scrolling on a Tablet would be even more “unintuitive”


I think the horizontal scrolling is fine, especially when the tablet apps are released. What is more important is the alphabet index somewhere, so you can jump to the relevant page in the main browser sections (artists, albums, genres, etc)

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Given the split opinion, maybe an option would be best :slight_smile:


Exactly. Allow us to choose horizontal or vertical. Everybody’s happy. :grin:


Here as well I’d like to have the ability to choose :smile:


Choice please !!! I can’t believe some of you are arguing that we should not have a vertical option! why should I not have a choice!

[quote=“Ronnie, post:9, topic:821”]most people’s expectation there is to keep the scroll in the horizontal[/quote] This is 100% not true!

Nearly ALL scrolling on iPad / Phone and Computer is VERTICAL! It is ROON that is has gone wrong.

And more of ROON is Vertical than Horizontal

  • Overview / Album Contents / Lyrics / Artist Pages / Categories / Discover

iTunes is Vertical
Music App is Vertical.
TIDAL is Vertical
QOBUZ is Vertical
SONOS is Vertical

This is why the Horizontal album scrolling is such a pain! and so jarring.

ROON please fix or make Vertical optional on Computer & Tablet.


Lol…I am a doctor and I suggest that this feature be implemented ASAP to prevent the chap above having a stroke :smiley:


Too late I fear :frowning:


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Nobody is talking about removing choice here…I was merely trying to give balance to the alternate opinions in this thread that the original CHOICE made by the Roon designers was a good one IMHO…and not something that needed “fixing” per se, as opposed to offering Vertical Scrolling as a choice

I view Roon’s choice in overall design to be akin to that of a Digital Magazine

  • You BROWSE from page to page [horizontally]
  • You continue to browse to e.g. Page 7…where you see an Article that interests you
  • And at that point, you begin to READ from top to bottom [vertically] within that Page
  • when finished that article, you then resume Browsing horizontally until you reach another article you like

Likewise with Roon,

  1. you BROWSE horizontally from Page 1 to e.g. Page 7 of the Album / Artist / Composer Browser, where you see an Album or Artist that interests you…
  2. Once you enter that Page, you then READ Vertically all the detail on that page


  1. You BROWSE from left to right [Roon Browse Screens]
  2. You READ from top to bottom [Roon Detail Screens]

Photo apps on PC’s and Tablets are another example of the appropriate use of Horizontal scrolling…where you browse from left to right…until you stop at a Page / Photo to examine it in detail

I agree with the choice made by Roon, because I understand the Digital Magazine approach behind it …but I can also see why that choice might not suit others…and I’m sure Roon will be along soon to offer their thoughts


I’d prefer vertical scrolling.


On my pc I like vertical.
On my tablet I like horizontal.

I see most features are (very nicely) centrally set acros the core & remotes. So would prefer either a native difference, or to allow setting a preference for pc and tablet seperately.


Ronnie, IMHO is the operative word,

I want a choice, you argue that Roon is right and therefore there should be no choice. Why are you arguing to deny this choice to the majority (judging from this list) who want the vertical option. No-one is trying to deny you the horizontal option.

I own over 20 Music Apps and funnily enough, ALL scroll vertically

Amarra 3.0 / Hi-Fi / SQ Scrolls Vertically
Amazon Music Scrolls Vertically
Audirvarna Scrolls Vertically
Fidelia Scrolls Vertically
Itunes Is Vertical
Jriver Media Center Scrolls Vertically
Music App Is Vertical.
Qobuz Is Vertical
Sonos Is Vertical
Tidal Is Vertical

As do Photos / Address Book / Passbook etc. In fact the majority of all apps scroll vertically on a computer except for Calendars, Books and Magazines. Of course most of Roon scrolls vertical too.

I can also argue as a published app developer, that in Human Interface / UI terms, changing scrolling direction partway through usage/function of an app is not good UI design. Software should be consistent all the way through. Additionally, horizontal scrolling on a computer is not natural, especially for mouse users.

The answer is so simple Roon, please give users a choice and let’s all move on to another subject.

Cheers Robert.

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