Very large library

I am considering the purchase of a Roon Nucleus+. But I have one serious concern. All I have read shows that the maximum number of songs in my library can only be a bit over 100,000. My library, though, is quickly approaching 700,000 (about 110,000 on my NAS and the rest in Qobuz for streaming). Am I out of luck, or is there a work around? My Dell XPS does fine most of the time, but I sometimes feel that I could do better. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

The 100-120k limit is for the nucleus not the +.
However, 700k, apart from being a bit mad, might be a strain even for a +.
More memory has been recommended for 300k+ but don’t know about 700k.

As far as max library, according to the Roon website, both the Nucleus, and the plus, are the same (10,000 albums, 100,000 tracks). But from your response, that seems to be VERY conservative. As far as being mad, no, just totally insane. No anger issues at all!! If it exists, and I like it, I need to get it in my library, and everything by the artist. Everything by Sinatra, Ellington, the Stooges, Gong, etc. I might have the most eclectic tastes ever. And, being 68, I might be borderline senile. But, it works for me, so I ain’t complaining!

I have 300K tracks on essentially the same NUC as the Nucleus +, that said I think my windows i7-7700 holds up better so I normally use that.

The Nucleus V2 might be using a different cpu so maybe look for that being a better option.

Do note that rock can run on other non NUC hardware. So you could do a build of something much faster than any NUC … check out the MOCK thread in #tinkering

Is quite a library. At that level, you might really need to think about setting up a full PC server. I would spec the parts and build it instead of buying something like a Dell. That way I can spec the best parts.

While, you can run ROCK on other hardware creating the MOCK referenced above. I personally think that Windows would be a better bet as I have found it very stable with large libraries.

I have run RoonServer on Windows for years and it has been, rock solid, :smiley:

last mention on this topic by a Roon dev was Brian. I pulled the appropriate quote out and then linked the thread so you can read the whole of his reply.