Very low volume with Chord Qutest

Roon Core Machine

14" Macbook Pro 1TB 16GB RAM Ventura

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP-Link Deco XE75 AXE5400 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6E System, Tri-Band Wi-Fi

Connected Audio Devices

MBP via USB to Chord Qutest connected to Quad Artera Pre and Stereo with Harbeth HL5 speakers.

Number of Tracks in Library

500 tracks (I’ve only just started)

Description of Issue

The sound is very thin and the volume very low, whereas connecting an iPad with Qobuz to the same port on the Qutest produces a much better sound (and a much better volume).

Basically this setup was the reason for getting Roon, and unless it is fixable I’ll just stop using it - I have looked at similar problems on the community and have not seen a satisfactory answer

All the best

What is the volume and sound like from other sound sources from the Mac with Qutest?

Thank you for answering
If I play it directly from Qobuz it sounds fine - also if played from Audivarna or Apple Music ; just as it does from the iPad

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Which output voltage are you using on the Qutest? The Qutest can output 1,2 or 3 Volts. Most preamps can take 2V on the RCA inputs. If your only putting out 1V it might sound weak.

Hi David
But it’s working properly with everything else, and I don’t want to have to keep switching the Qutest output every time I change source. It sounds pretty poor even if you do turn up the volume anyway.

Can you post a screen screenshot Roon’s signal path.
It will help to see if anything is amiss with the delivery of data from Roon to the DAC.

How do I do that? Sorry - beginner here!


Have a read of this help page … once digested you should be able to navigate to Roon’s Signal path.
Do this whilst a track is playing and take a screenshot of it.
You can then upload the image (use the image upload icon) into your next post on this site.

Thank you Carl - I’m not home until Sunday but I’ll try it then and report back

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Hi @Jonathan_Slack,

Thank you for your post and for your patience as we worked through the queue to reach your inquiry.

Are you able to share the following the technical support team, so that we can investigate more closely?

  1. A screenshot of the Audio Midi Setup tool on your MBP when you have the Qutest connected via USB. This is available in Applications → Utilities → Audio Midi Setup.

  2. The signal path mentioned above when you’re playing to the Qutest Zone in Roon. This will be available by clicking on the dot next to the playbar.

  3. Lastly, we’ll want to pull diagnostics from your RAATServer install, which will be logging interactions with Apple USB and the CoreAudio engine. If you consent to that, we can pull them automatically when your device is online. They’re limited to basic system logging for your Roon audio chain.

Hi there @connor,
Sorry for the delay - I’ve been away on holiday

I’ve got Roon Playing now, you’re most welcome to pull diagnostics.
Here are the screenshots

Many thanks in advance - I’m impressed by your concern!

All the best

Here is the signal path

Hi @Jonathan_Slack,

The signal path looks good, Roon is send a bit-perfect lossless signal to the Chord.

Let’s see if @connor can see anything in the Roon diagnostics but from where I’m sitting all looks correct.

Are you able to double check the other sources to see there is gain or other DSP operation before the signal get to the Chord?

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