Very odd happenings with album art on Win10 PC only?

This just started today and it is very odd as it appears to follow no pattern I can discern.
And it is only on my Win10PC, my ipad min4 and android phone display all album art perfectly.
Very random as you can see in the picture, cant figure out why it is not displaying some and yet it is others that were added even after?
I have tried clearing image cache, rebooting Roon Core, logging out of Qobuz and back in again via Roon ( although there are some of my own rip album art missing too).
Any ideas, it is most unusual.

Kevin Simon (CrystalGypsy) has the same issue on one Android phone today as well. Starting to wonder if a wider Roon issue

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That’s interesting?.
I just find it so odd to just be on one remote and not even confined to say Qobuz as a few of my own rips have missing album art too.
Doubt if much will happen over the weekend and tbh it does not stop me playing those albums so I’m still in a good place.
Just weird!

It’s all vinyl Saturday for Kevin. Yippee :+1:

Best keep your strength up so you can keep getting up and flipping over those records

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I got my Sbooster LPSU last night and plugged it in and it’s worked perfectly (and running very cool). I can’t say my system sounds better for it, but it’s all about the multiple tweaks.

I was going to put my Akasa Turing FX case together tonight but I dare not turn the Nuc off now so I think I will wait until tomorrow and then hope for the best.

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I did reboot the router as well and the win10 PC all with no change.
I’m sure it will get straightened out.

Yes probably wise to not do anything tonight…:wink:

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And this morning all is back to normal AFTER another reboot of the Roon core, restart of the Win10 pc and clearing the image cache on said Win10pc, all things I did yesterday.
But today all album art is back in place, deleted albums have stayed deleted.
Hopefully some silly glitch that will not return!

Strange that and Simons is still knackered on only his Pixel 4 phone

New case and power supply all live and playing different music across 3 different devices as a test

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