Video support for Roon Airplay

Hi All, I am considering joining Roon and buying a Nucleus.
I want to display from my IPad to my Airplay compatible TV.
Does that work. Can’t tell from any of the other support or FAQs

I always advise people just to try Roon out with the computers they already own before investing in another computer. Then you can decide, if you like it and it works for you, whether or not a Nucleus, self-built ROCK NUC, or even just a mac mini dedicated to running RoonServer is the best path for you. (There is no SQ difference between these options, btw)

In Roon you can setup a monitor or TV via Chromecast to be an output display (just visual info, no interaction), or by using a web URL. Not sure about via Airplay. You can read more about it here.

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There is a community created Roon extension that allows basic control and now playing on a Apple TV box, but you cannot Airplay video to a TV it’s audio only. As posted above you can use a web browser on the TV to display now playing and you can airplay Music to it if it supports legacy Airplay and not just Airplay 2.

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