Video tutorial on how to backup network share to Synology NAS

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find a way to backup my internal drive of music on my NUC running ROCK to my Synology NAS. I finally found a simple way to do it using Active Backup for Business and figured I would create a simple tutorial that might help those (like me) who have been struggling to find a way to do it. I decided to mirror my internal storage folder to a music folder on my NAS. The backup happens to double as a Plex music library. I have it scheduled to run every day at 00:00. The first backup took a few hrs (~2TB), but every subsequent backup has only taken a couple of mins.


I don’t know the specific tool you are using, Active Backup for Business, and my Synology doesn’t look exactly like that.
But I once tried to set up Synol9gy to do backup, and all they offered was “sync”. (Maybe this is what Mirroring means in your setup?) But sync is not backup. This is illustrated by a question Sonology asked me during setup:

When a file is deleted on the computer, what do you want to do?

  1. Restore the file from backup? NOOO, then I can never get rid of stuff I don’t want to free up disk space.

  2. Delete the file in the NAS too? NOOO, NOOO, NOOO, then I don’t have protection from human or software errors that might mistakenly delete the file.

Backup means, keep all data in the backup store, regardless of what happens on the original system, and don’t write back unless asked to in a Restore operation.

You better check what semantics you have. It may be that your software is smarter than what Synology offered a few years ago.

I gave up on Synology software, and Windows backupis dumbed down, so I use scheduled robocopy to back up to the NAS.

You can set it up to however you like. If you don’t want to call it a backup, that it fine. Semantics aside, my library changes daily. Songs are added and songs are deleted. I want a “backup” option that allows me to mirror the changes I make each day to my primary roon music library, that is all. With Active Backup for Business you can do a multi-versioned, mirrored, or incremental “backup”. Pick your poison. I suppose a daily scheduled mirror has its drawbacks and possible risks. I might change it to a weekly mirror OR do it manually OR do something completely different. So far, it is working as intended for my particular needs.

Hello, is there another solution without Active Backup for Business? My NAS is too old, I cannot download this paquet… thanks!

Thanks for the video, but this approach isn’t working for me.
Trying to make an incremental backup and it works just like you show all the way up to the end then gives the error message “The destination shared folder does not support ACL.”
Any idea how to get around this?

You need to enable the “advanced permissions” in the shared folder.
If the folder is existing and too old you need to create a new shared folder.
Then under the "advanced permissions " tab you need to give the read/write permissions to the current Nas user (usually admin).

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