View keeps switching

When I have a bunch of tracks queued (or playing via Roon radio), I like to have Roon in now playing view. There, I like to select the album art view.

The problem is, whenever it moves to the next track, the view reverts to lyrics view (if lyrics are present). How can I get it to remain on the same view?

It switches back to the default between albums I think. If you want as the default you need to select it as such on the now playing screen. The three dot menu I think.

You can configure the default:
click Configure Now Playing Screen

then you can select what’s displayed and also its sequence by grabbing and dragging the individual items up or down

et voilĂ 

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Hi @extracampine,

As Marin noted, you can configure the Now Playing screen. Can you give that a try and if you’re still seeing issues share a screenshot of your settings and what’s not working? Thanks!

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