Vinyl vs CD Sales

I realize this may be heresy but since I have not seen mention of this elsewhere, I thought I should give all of us a heads up. It may not be true and even if it is should we care? There are may articles about this topic elsewhere so the one I am including is probably only the tip of the iceberg. I would hope we are not a dinosaur before our time.

Can Roon be modified to keep track of vinyl recordings? Hmmmmm.


I recorded mine to hard drive. I think I used vinyl studio. Whatever it was it generally easy and found records and tagged them. Works great with Roon.


I guess I am thinking worst case. What happens if CDs go away or get reduced to a fraction of its present output? Do we go back to Tower Records and Sam Goody? Do we download only? How about online vendors? Do we ship LPs by mail? That would be a nightmare. And in bulk what about shipping costs? Just some very random thoughts-won’t matter to me because I will probably be dead by the time the curve begins to change.

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Most probably a fad. Regardless of what sells better, vinyl and CD are physical media and thus obsolete. I guess they will continue to exist at a niche level. Streaming will be the dominant channel, with downloads for purchase for people who want to own music (like me).

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Will turntables and Phono Pres begin to be Roon Ready and Roon Tested?

To be honest. The last time I’ve bought a CD is several years ago. And I have built up a collection for 25+ years. Vinyl was already on the way out when I started buying CD’s in the early 90’s. So I’ve skipped that part.

The music that I really like I already have bought on CD over the years. And I’ve ripped those on my computers. Next to my local collection I stream a lot through Apple Music and Qobuz.

My guess is that’s the way of the future. Streaming and otherwise buying digital albums.

This is not news, I think vinyl outpaced CD sales even last year or 2019?

Unfortunately" new" record pressings do not always equal top quality sq and I avoid most general new vinyl releases where possible.

Only a very few select " new" pressings are of interest to myself.

See you in the bargain bins of the LRS!


Of course…oh wait they have been saying vinyl is obsolete for over 40 years and is a dead Media…

Looks pretty good for a corpse to me.:thinking:


Physical media isn’t dead yet, even cassette’s are making a slight comeback!

Global Revival Of Cassettes Has Flourished During The Pandemic (


I still buy ~3 CDs per month. Recently I have been buying those from Octave Records. The family buys me vinyl on occasion to add to our collection, but I have postponed buying a turntable. I have two CD transports, one is an SACD.


735 cassette tapes and rising😁

Yes there is no hope for me.

I’m an analog dinosaur :sauropod: and openly admit it.


As I say, music is music, however you choose to enjoy it, as long as you enjoy it! I like having different formats and having different ways of listening since I listen to a lot of music.

Btw, 735 is quite a bit! How long did it take you to count that :rofl:

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Fortunately that’s what discogs is for!
I ran out of toes way to soon!

It’s a bit of a chore to first catalog everything in discogs but once done easy to just add new arrivals as they land and keep on top of it.


Yea, I love discogs for that too! It’s kind of cool how it gives you an estimate on your collection too!


I actually use that estimate to add my physical media to my home contents insurance.
They never contested the figure when I added it so hopefully I never need to test it with a claim🙄

Of course it’s also changing every week…lol.

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Last year was when vinyl outpaced CDs in $$$$. In this update, vinyl surpassed CDs in actual units sold. I think vinyl is the only media in the last 10-15 years to see sales growth, at least until the very small resurgence of cassettes in the last 2-3 years.


I think for the month of 12/20 that vinyl had it’s biggest month in the history of the format.


I hope you meant 12/20… Unless you have invented a successful time travel machine!

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For the type of stuff I buy, it seems that CDs have already moved into a niche market. The box sets and individual discs I want are of limited runs, they sell out quickly, and pressing quality is hit and miss. All of these issues are familiar to vinyl enthusiasts, so it seems both formats now can share niche status…at least here in the States.

I firmly believe in the motto “buy it when you see it”, as physical media isn’t promising anything other than being limited. At least the way I see things. YMMV.

Downloads are an interesting compromise to CD, although downloads negatively impacts the used market and used culture I have loved my whole life.

But as long as I can actually PURCHASE the product, I will be content. It is a future fully regulated by subscription services that scares me the most.


I think a big part of it is the pandemic. People are looking for music experiences, and fun hobbies to pass the time, and getting into vinyl for the experience and fun to replace concerts and shows.

But there’s also a huge contingent that’s in it for the quality and have growing collections, myself included. I’ve spent more on my vinyl collection and equipment than digital at this point (the nature of it, for sure) and I feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth as the quality and experience really is very good. I love some of the new Blue Note and Verve reissues of jazz classics that are actually very good pressings, with high quality original reproduction jackets and all. And much of the new pop/indie/folk/punk/emo that’s being pressed is top notch as well.

Most smaller bands these days can’t get away with just digital releases—fans expect physical copies and they want vinyl, and it builds a connection with the artist so it’s good for everyone. I think it’s a great thing that’s been growing steadily, and it’s here to stay, not just a fad.