Violectric - user experience requested

Are both PCM and DSD playback working for you now from M1T USB output to 590?

Yes, they all work. But DSD playback must be set to DoP.

That’s good enough. I don’t expect Linux native DSD to work for your USB module.

Just curious, does Lumin product support this USB module?

Btw, have you received any report of such issues when the user uses Lumin with 590? I’m just wondering if I’m the only person who has a different USB module. :sweat_smile:

No, never heard of this USB interface until I read your post.

I also did some google searches about Linux USB support for it. I could not find anything useful.

Unlike the module you use, Amanero is fairly well discussed and its newer firmwares (if you can manage to upgrade its firmware) work on Linux for some brands of DAC without much issues. From a Linux streamer compatibility point of view, the best bet is XMOS.

The Amanero is more familiar for me and should have less compatible issues I believe. So I should have more streamer options to choose from. I will check this with Violectric until everything is clear. Maybe I did something stupid.

I guess, bravely, maybe the Violectric guy downloaded a wrong firmware to my unit before it’s out of factory? :rofl:

The volectric guy replied me and they did changed the usb interface from Amanero to Comtrue, without any declaration. I can understand this because this is just kind of underlying implementation instead of user faced feature change.

But in my case they just packed the old user manual with the machine, and it still says install driver from Amanero, which misleading me a lot.

Furthermore, in my opinion the new usb interface has obvious compatibility problem, and they just released that to customer, looks very unprofessional.

I think the Amanero usb interface was well known to the streamer devices manufacturer, so they might do testing against that before releasing. But most of them don’t know about Comtrue at all. And I don’t think Violectric can tested their new usb interface against all the streamer devices in the market.

At the end, user has to test the compatibility by themselves.

I have to admit the V590 is an excellent product, no matter the sound quality, and the build quality, but personally I feel disappointed this time.