Virus/malware in latest version? Roon trying to run osascript

Just updated to the latest Roon and when I try to run it on my Mac (latest OS) I get a warning that osascript wants access to my finder. When I look up osascript online I mostly see references to malware/viruses.

Is this expected and safe to approve?

I mean, I know osascript is an applescript to access resources and isn’t necessarily malicious but mostly I’m seeing worrisome references.

osascript is used to pop up a windows with some error text showing why roon was unable to run.

it is only used when Roon itself can not start properly.

let me know what error you are seeing.

Okay. So does that mean I need to reinstall roon or something?

dont know… what is the error?

there hasn’t been any error. Only a pop up asking me to give osascript access to finder. I’m not even getting that now. Roon just doesn’t open.

Reinstall just to get it going. It won’t hurt your settings.

I bet MacOS decided you didn’t want to give it perms and now that is lost to the system…

Makes sense. I’ll give a reinstall a try. Thanks.

Good to go, @danny. Thanks again.

Want me to edit the title or delete the thread so nobody gets spooked?

i changed it to refer to osascript. reading this topic should clarify that it is not a virus.

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