Visible indicator for quality

When I am looking at my library with thousands of items, I can’t tell which are mp3 and which are lossless, but I’d like to be able to see that & filter in/out either too.

Is that possible?

Geoff will tell you what to do.


If you have the “Show album format on browser” (on the Settings/General page) turned on, you will see the formats clearly marked; like so:

Use the Focus/Format selector to filter between your formats. You can also make a Bookmark of your filter for quick access in the future.


Hah - I was just writing it out…

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I recall going through and weeding out all the MP3’s in my library and deleting them. Life is too short for bad rips :wink:

Not all MP3s are rips. Radio programmes, audioboks, etc.

Anything MP3 in my disks were badly ripped by me or at best downloaded from who knows where. many were podcasts of old linux shows and whatnot…time to let them go :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t let HHGTTG go.


Mine is on cassette … its too much drama to rip :frowning:

My HHGTTG was ripped from CDs. But the BBC’s radio production of The Hobbit is still lurking somewhere on cassettes. Mind you, I bit the bullet and ripped them a while back.

I have a bunch of zones using AirPlay where lo res files are not a problem. So I hid my AAC files (around 300 out of roughly a 1,000 albums) after tagging them as AAC. They’re handy when I’m using a crapola zone but don’t intrude otherwise.