Vivaldi Remote and Roon

Yesterday I swapped out my Rossini Player and clock for the Vivaldi DAC, clock and upsampler. I have a lot of listening to do before I finalize which MAP program, which filters and upsampling outputs I will default to.

The one issue I am dealing with is that unlike the Rossini the (same?) dCS remote does not pause/unpause Roon. Am I missing something? The transport buttons worked with Roon on the Rossini.

Since the Rossini had front-panel transport controls those were mapped to the same functions in Roon and UPnP. The remote uses our standard transport control commands which map to those functions as well. Since the Rossini DAC and Player run nearly identical software those commands are preserved in both products.

The upsampler doesn’t have any transport control functions exposed via IR since in a system that has the transport, the remote would end up controlling both simultaneously.

We’ve had to make some adjustments to the way that everything works when a Rossini Transport is connected to a Rossini Player or DAC and have added intelligence to decide which device ends up paying attention to the IR remote. This logic could be applied to Vivaldi, but isn’t on the roadmap yet. I would personally welcome the change and am pushing to get the behavior changed in a future update.

Thanks for the information. I hope that this becomes a feature at some point.

Has this feature popped up on the dCS roadmap yet?

We’ve had some internal discussions on this topic. It’s on a list of possible feature additions for a future update, but we don’t yet have any timing set for the next update.