Volume advancing to max set volume

I’ve read a few posts on volume control advancing to max set volume on it’s own.

Yesterday was the first time I’ve used my Samsung phone to adjust the volume for one speaker system in a group of Roon Ready speaker systems and this is the first time I had this issue.

Hit the + volume for one zone and it just kept on going. I had previously set a low volume max so it wasn’t a big deal except I could not turn the one system back down.

Is this just related to Android remotes? I’m controlling the group from my windows remote today and have not had the issue occur.

Yep it appears to be mostly related to Android. Not the first time they have had this either it popped up a few years ago as well.

I don’t know, I don’t have volume control in Roon with my devices, but in this thread iOS was at least mentioned quite often over time. Not sure of fix status for either - (not Roon posts at the end of the thread)