Volume control doesn‘t work

Does anybody knows, why the volume control in Roon doesn‘t work?
When I turn it up and down with the remot from the amp it will not change in Roon… :thinking: My amp is a Devialet Expert Pro and till last session there were no changes on the system…

I have Devialet 220 Expert pro and everything works fine. Restart your system including the Devialet.

Make sure you’ve set “device volume” in settings.

@mikeb nailed it. Be sure Device Volume is set in the Device Setup in Roon for your Expert Pro.

But your post seems to indicate that it used to work but no longer does. If you do have Device Volume already set in Roon , then it’s more of a mystery. Any chance your physical Devialet remote is not working at all? This happened to me and I just needed to replace the battery in the remote.

Thanks much! I had restart for 3 times the hole System and it works…