Volume control for Devialet Phantoms

I play music with Roon (obviously). This goes via optical to Devialet Dialog which directs the digital to two Phantoms (DOS 2). I want to only use my Phantom volume dial (either remote or the iOS app). What do I have to set in Roon:

  1. DSP Volume
  2. Fixed Volume
  3. Device volume
    Number 3 sounds right, but years ago I tried and it resulted in a volume explosion. My ears still tremble from it.
    Thanks for your reliable information.

Mine is set to fixed volume in Roon, which sends an unattenuated signal to the Phantom, allowing the Phantom to manage the volume from either the Devialet app or the physical volume control accessory. The negative here is that the Roon volume slider no longer functions.

Once the Phantom is Roon Ready (if that is on the roadmap), then Device Volume would allow Roon to adjust the volume levels using the Phantom’s onboard volume controls. Until then, Roon can’t adjust the device volume, and DSP volume introduces quality issues, so fixed it is.

Thanks. That must be it.

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