Volume control from amplifer

I have a roopie connected via coaxial to My Lyngdorf tdai-2170 amplifer. When I set volume to fixed in Roon I can not control volume from Roon or My amplifer. Worked fine with My Hegel H90. IF I set it to DSP I can control it via Roon byt not the amplifer. Set as device control the problem is the same as with fixed.

I can’t find any settings in My Lyngdorf to change it either.

Thanksful for help

Assuming the DAC is capable, i.e. has hardware volume control, you would need to use Device Volume not Fixed Volume.

Ok, thanks so probably the DAC in My Lyngdorf doesn’t support it then. Device or fixed gets me the same resault. Can’t control volume att all.

Do I loose anything in soundquality using volume control through DSP?

I think you’ll need to experiment and decide that for yourself. With my Chord DAC I’m in the same situation so use the preamp to control volume.

Ok but I can’t test because DSP i the only option working. Through Fixed and Device the volume can’t be changed in Roon or My Lyngdorf

Set Roon to Fixed volume and use the Lyngdorf to control volume using the dial or remote. Then compare with DSP.

It is very unlikely that you’ll hear any audible degradation by using DSP volume control in Roon but give it a try. Any degradation will be at fairly low volume levels. At normal listening volumes you’ll have plenty of bits of resolution. Still some folks prefer one way or the other. I use DSP volume with my Chord and don’t use a preamp and am quite happy with that configuration.

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