Volume control issue with Aurender S5W

Hi @support team,
I am using Aurender wireless speakers s5w the problem is after period of inactivity the volume goes to maximum which is scary I already limited the volume to 40% but still scary loud.
I am not sure what to do about it but possible I can damage the speakers Aurender is using a wireless dongle.
If all is working normally the sound is just spectacular with roon the only issue is this max volume.

I am using MAC mini late 2014 2.6 Ghz intel core i5
Memory 8 GB running Mojave.
I am using the Mac mini as headless server no other use completely dedicated to Roon Core.
Running the latest version of roon see picture

This is the information of the Aurender dongle

This is dongle info from Roon

Can you help me in solving this volume issue
At the moment I am turning down the volume every time I am using the speakers when waking up from standby.
And that is fine but the single time I forget then the speakers are on max volume. In normal use the sound is absolutely great Roon works flawlessly