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Antipodes K50

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Shcitt Yggdrasil aes-ebu
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Oppo Usb

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Description of Issue

Volume goes right up to the very top…randomly…all on its own…as far as I know. I pull the slider back down let go and it goes right back up to the top. So I remove the Roon app and re-load it and I’m back to normal. This has happened three times about a week in between occurrences. Is there some button that makes this happen that I accidentally touched? I can’t imagine there is. I don’t know why this would be useful. What is going on here?

I had the same issue.

I found out it came from a ropieee device (a raspeberry + touch screen). I was using it to display tracks beeing played on another device in the main system (and not using it as a player, just display). It wrongly interacted with the other device volume.

I just switched it off and the bug deasappeared. Hence , I am no more using it.

If you have serveral players or displays, try to swicth them off one by one and , each time, see if bug is still present.

It is very annoying , good luck.

Hey @Steven_Wallace,

Thanks for taking the time to write in, it’s great to see you on community again!

As a first step, can you confirm the Antipodes Settings/Roon Ready Volume Control is set to ‘Software’?


If possible, can you snap a screenshot of your Roon Settings>Audio?

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

I sure that it must be set to software volume control. It has to be. It is the only way to control the volume at all in this set up. Sometimes it works fine and other times like I said, the volume goes right up to the very top on its own. That being said I’m not sure how to access the screen you’ve shown in order to take a screen shot of it. This situation is more than inconvenient. My speakers/ears could be blown. Who is going to pay for this damage?

Hey @Steven_Wallace,

This is found within the Antipodes device Settings. If you could confirm this, it would be helpful :pray:

Please let me know if you’re able to share a screenshot of the above as well.

While we continue to investigate this, there is a workaround involving adding volume control within your Roon DSP settings that may help in the meantime. You can read more about this here:

I am having a second problem. My roon used to go into random play after playing the selected album from my files. It no longer does this. It just stops. How do I get it to continue playing my files randomly after it plays the album selected?

Hey @Steven_Wallace,

In regards to the volume issue you are experiencing, do you notice this happening with all of your connected audio devices/endpoints? Or, does it only occur on specific endpoints? If possible, would you be able to test this?

With your second issue, Roon stopping play after your queue is cleared, could you please test playing to the system output directly, and see if works as it should (rather than a dedicated endpoint)? This should help us narrow down where the issue is. You could also make sure your Router is on the latest firmware version available. Let me know how those two items go!

I had the volume thing happening on different devices. as for the second question, what exactly do you mean by test playing to the system output directly? Don’t I need to use an end point device to control roon? how can I not use this? I don’t understand what you are asking me to do.

Your problem is likely caused by Roon radio not being activated for bespoke endpoint.
To switch it on again, open the queue as in the following screenshot, then find the Roon radio toggle towards the bottom of the queue screen.

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Hey @Steven_Wallace,

Thank you for the info. Please let me know if @Marin_Weigel’s tip helps with playback.

To better dig into the volume control issue, please use the directions found here and send over a set of logs from the affected device (android device, any roon remote device seeing this issue) to our File Uploader?

Thank you!

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