Volume control on ipad & iphone [Available in Build 831]

When the app is in the forground it would be nice if you could use the volume buttons of the iphone or ipad to control volume instead of having to use the slider.


I asked for this with iPeng (for Squeezebox control), but was told that it violated Apple’s UI guidelines.

Logitech Harmony app has this functionality…so it must be possible :grinning:

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Naughty Logitech! :wink: But +1 from me on your request.

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Sonos does this as well.

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This would be great. I know the Harmony app can do it, so it must be possible.

The GUI slider is too difficult to make fine adjustments.

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I think this is a good idea.

I also like the idea of UI volume redesign - a bigger, rotary control overlaid full screen (on iphone at least) would give much better control.


Android apps controlling LMS/Squeezebox also do this. By habit I still try to change volume in Roon using volume buttons on the device.

+1 adding this feature to all control apps.


Another +1 :slight_smile:

Roonready partner Bluesound has volume control from their BluOs app

Any news on the roon front?


Choice to have volume control visible all time like Naim has in their app.

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If not hardware button control I would like to see GUI + & -controls to allow for smoooth volume changes

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roon is way too late implementing this… I’ve bought a harmony remote. Both the fysical remote as the app /widget offer fine control of volume. Both via touch and with the volume buttons on the ipad/iphone
roons volume control is very poor on ios devices. the slider is way to difficult to use for small adjustments

Some DLNA controller app even has cover display and can access control on lock screen. Hope Roon can soon implement this. Big step ahead in UI.


Roon Developers, is the lack of button volume control still because of iPhone standards? As others have pointed out many apps have the integration with hardware button controls, and that includes Tidal itself. Would LOVE to not have to dig for the volume bar to make a quick adjustment.

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With the Sonos app I can do that.

I think they’re identify the app to the os as some kind of media device to attach to the volume buttons.

It stays attached as long as the music is playing even outside the app and when the phone is locked by making it the default volume bar (easily changeable). Really convenient.

Screenshots (from outside the app):

And -

Honestly that’s one of the best things I like about Sonos (volume button always on you without even looking at the phone) and if roon would add it (why not?*) it would make every roon enabled system in my home have this cool feature, not just the Sonos.

I’m an Android user, not sure if they’ve implemented this with their iOS app but I don’t see why not.

#makeroonevengrater :slight_smile:

** Thought of a reason why - if roon mobile might be html5 hybrid app and not native (has a beauty to it being exactly the same to the desktop app) that might be limiting access to native functions… (If so - perhaps there’s a plugin just to handle the native part)


Another +1; PLEASE implement it


+1 from me too


If you ever used Sonos you would have appreciated this functionality in Roon as well.
The phone is mostly next to me or on me, allowing me to control Roon’s volume without turning on the screen or even taking it out of my pocket (like Sonos and Bluesound managed) would make it the perfect volume control for me.


+1 - Bluesound implement this and I found I used it a lot back when I was using their app.