Volume control on ipad & iphone

I upgraded to lifetime membership today, but when I give people interested in Roon the balanced input about it, I always say it has significant volume control issues. I cannot quickly adjust the volume especially if my iPhone or iPad has locked screen after a few minutes of listening. People ask really? They can’t believe something so basic for usability hasn’t been fixed yet. I also point out that of course I don’t expect to be able to USE Roon while on the go, but it is disappointing that I cannot even view or share playlists if I’m not on my home WiFi.

I wish I had the expertise to set up my Harmony Elite with hub to control Roon. But I don’t. My only real complaint about Roon is that I need two remotes – my Harmony for volume and my iPad for everything else – to play my music. My Feature Request is that we find one remote to do do the job.

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Hi there,
I recently switched from Node 2i to Nucleus. While using Node 2i and MacBook Pro as core, I was able to control volume from iPad. Now that I am running Nucleus, I cannot control volume from iPad anymore. My setup is Nucleus to Qutest. Roon Device setup for iPad and Qutest are both set to (Volume Control = Device Volume).

Crazy. I am lacking the hardware volume controls too. And there are many requests on this feature already for years. But Roon does nowhere explain why they can’t make that happen… That does not display customer awareness. Can’t be that hard I would say to add hardware control. The simplest programs can do that nowadays (but not Roon)

I’m one day into my trial and this, so far, is one of the most annoying things. (i also am annoyed that I cant group my chromecast with my server’s output…)

Is this some kind of joke. Why can’t Roon implement control with the hardware buttons on iPhone/iPad to control volume? It’s a very basic function that just must work. Roon, fix it now please. It’s so annoying that this function doesn’t work with Roon.

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Pending since 4 years!

Even Spotify can do this.

In case any Android users stumble across this thread, you can use this extension: it’roXs!

There is no excuse for not implementing volume control with iPad / iPhone volume buttons. Apple’s own Apple TV remote app does it.

First requested in 2016. Still nothing in 2nd half of 2020. Pretty poor showing, dear Roon.

I wholeheartedly endorse this too. It is embarrassing with visitors, after saying how great the system is then taking multiple clicks and device openings to change the volume.

I would like this option too. I fumble with the controls now. Let me know when the fix is implemented.

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Two years ago next month I complained that I need two remotes to run Roon: my harmony elite for amp volume and my iPad for everything else. So far, nothing has changed, nothing is promised, and I am still juggling two remotes.

I love Roon; I am often a missionary. But this needs to change. I don’t like to complain, but this seems a problem that could be solved.

Am I wrong? Enlighten me.

Search Deep Harmony.

Hey Larry,

I am aware of this extension. However, my confidence level in the skills required for implementation of this technology is not up to the task. Yes, I have a hub equipped harmony, but the documentation - I have read it all - is daunting. My hope is that Roon picks up this challenge and makes it possible for all users.

If not, I will grumble a little and curate more track lists. The software may not be perfect, but for me it has been life changing! Thanks!

Well, if you decide to give it a go, several of us running it are more than happy to help you work through the hurdles. Once it’s up and running it’s really solid and so nice to use just the Harmony remote for control and volume.

A Raspberry Pi with DietPi OS is the least effort to get it up and running.

Only one way to fix that and/or know that for certain :slight_smile:

I agree. I am reading the documentation now. Thanks for your encouragement. I have several questions.

First, my hub is on a different floor from my Nucleus. The hub is in the living room, but I have moved the Nucleus and my core to the lower level with my large floorstanding Klipsch system. Will I need to purchase a new hub (no big deal) just for this extension, or does location not matter assuming it is on the same local network? Can I use the Harmony app instead of the physical remote? Or can my elite switch from one hub to another without a problem? I am OK with a new hub, but I have no intentions of abandoning my Nucleus.

My system is Mac based, but I have a dedicated Mac mini (currently a Roon Bridge) that has not been upgraded to Catalina just so I can still access the hub.

So far, it seems that I will need lots of input from this thread to make this happen, and I am not yet ready to commit to it. My system is running great right now, and I don’t want to #%&K it up.

Let me subscribe to this feature request. Indeed annoying volume control but guess Roon may need to completely re-think the implementation of the app. High time. We are in 2020.