Volume control on remote kills MQA

I use Intel NUC as as roon Core . I previously used a MacBook Pro as a core. I use Project Dac. To feed to my amplifier. I have noticed that when controlling the volume from my ipad/ iphone the MQA is disabled as soon as I reduce the volume from max. Is there anyway you can stop this from happening? This happens no matter which core I use.

Seems not. I asked a very similar question here.

MQA Rendering not working with DSP volume control on NAD D3045 - Support - Roon Labs Community

The Project DAC cannot do what you want. The dial works in the analogue domain, MQA should be preserved. The volume in Roon works in the digital domain and reducing it means the signal is no longer bit perfect thus killing MQA.

Not a MQA user here, but…

maybe try to set Roon to be the decoder, I think I recall that to preserve the MQA signaling.

Let’s hear it it fixes you up, and happy Christmas!

That’s only if using DSP in Roon. If you adjusting the digital volume of the device then it will break MQA signalling. The Project does not have an analogue preamp.

It’s not a problem with the Project, it maintains MQA even when I reduce the volume on it’s volume control. My problem is a problem because my speakers are in a different room from my amp and dac. So the only volume control can use is the one on the Ipad