Volume goes to MAX after Zone Reboot

Dear Support Team,

I have the issue that the volume of o zone (after a reboot) will go to MAX. I have the following hardware as a Roon Bridge running: Rapsberry Pi with HifiBerry Amp2 Audio Hat. It makes no difference which Rapsberry Pi Modell (2B or 3B) is used. Also no difference, if one “zone” has the original 7" display installed or not. After a reboot of the “Bridge” the volume resets to 100%!
I´m using the current Ropiee Image or the current DietPi Image with the corresponding AddOns - it makes also no difference.

Am I doing something wrong or is there any solution in sight?

Thank you

I’m having the same issue with a RPi with Allo Boss DAC.
Volume is frequently set to 100%, even without resetting the endpoint.
I tried to set a max volume at 50% but that does not help.

There is a known issue that @spockfish Harry has yet to address.

@RBM Rene can you add this to the existing thread in ropieee area please.

Set the ropieee to never restart…for now and that will work for you.

Thank you - hopefully a solution is in sight in near future

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