Volume Keyboard Shortcut Not Working OSX Sierra

other shortcuts are working…

  • i’m using a logitech K800 wireless keyboard.
  • Have been through the system preferences->keyboard shortcuts setting to eliminate duplicate shortcuts and none

@andybro I have checked on my iMac with macOS Sierra 10.12.4 and an Apple keyboard. The Volume shortcuts ( ⌘-UP and ⌘-DOWN) both are working.

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Do you use an external DAC? Because then you might have no influence on the volume, as you set in the Audio settings regarding your DAC

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thanks for your input. yes i have external DACs and Bluesound devices around the house. and i see your point. but if i can adjust volume of those DACs from within the roon software with the mouse - including the overall master volume - then i am assuming that the volume controls in roon are operating on that virtual volume layer and not just on the local system. would be helpful if roon @support can clarify.

Did you tried changing this settings:

Play around with them a bit, if you haven’t already

Hi @andybro ----- Saw the flag you had dropped for us and wanted to touch base with you here.

I can confirm that I am not seeing this behavior on my end but in order to accurately evaluate the behavior you are reporting, may I kindly ask you to verify the make/model of the DAC(s) you are using, as well as providing a screenshot of your device settings as seen in the example provided by Music-Friend.