Volume Leveling; Tidal louder as Local Files

I registered one thing with volume leveling.
All tracks from Tidal are played slightly louder than my local tracks.

All my local tracks are normalized with MP3Gain to 89db. But I think your track analyse should include this.

Any idea what I can do?

Nothing what I can do?
I remember in the squeezebox server there was an option to adjust the overall streaming service volume. A simple ±db value to in- or decrease the overall volume for music coming from a streaming service.

Volume levelling is IMHO one of the areas Roon need to look at, and it has been mentioned previously that they were looking at some newer type than replay gain whose name eludes me.

It would be great if Tidal files could be analysed like local files ( I love the graphic representation of dynamic range).

If this isn’t possible perhaps the analysis could be done when the track is playing first and then is available for subsequent plays.

At the moment I’m afraid it’s the low tech solution of a remote control!