Volume Leveling Tidal vs Qobuz

Hi guys at Roon,
i´m using Tidal today for the first time in Roon. I didn´t change any settings.
Now tell me, why is there a volume leveling on Tidal going on, while on Qobuz is none. Same album version, same track. The biggest difference i encountered till now are nearly 5 db. Headroom shows on both -3 db because i am using some dsp.

As I understand it Qobuz don’t, as yet, supply the volume levelling to roon. They are working on developing it.
Tidal have been partnering a lot longer and so have done so.

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Maybe, but all important data, inclusive this r128 level, are saved in the meta data of every single track. So roon should be able to read this…


I think the R128 level ( assuming that is the correct name for it ) is only created and stored by Roon when it is analyzing your local library. For content from Tidal or Qobuz Roon relies on the vendor to provide the R128 level and as Ged indicated Tidal does and Qobuz does not at this time.