Volume levelling on Radio (and Shuffle) - user selectable automatic modes,

Have started using Radio again lately after a spell away.

Although I’d usually try and keep bit perfect, when using Radio I’d quite like to use volume levelling to save those big volume jumps when away from the system.

Would it be possible to have an option to use volume levelling only in Radio mode? I know it can be manually enabled but you never really know when you’re going to walk away and let radio take over.


Along with album-respecting leveling, this is my most anticipated feature. It actually seems like the ideal use-case for volume leveling.

Hi all,

Its pretty clear I think that when shuffling tracks from different albums, especially if they are from different genres/eras etc, you do need the volume levelling feature - and I think its brilliant. I can listen to my library for hours this way. I also think when cherry-picking individual tracks from across your library, its a very good feature.

However, when playing an album in its entirety I see it as pretty much redundant, and you’re putting your signal through an conversion extra step that just isn’t needed, in my opinion.

Can we please have a feature whereby, when selecting a whole album to play - volume levelling is turned off… and when playing single tracks either manually or via the shuffle… track levelling is applied?


you could even have radio buttons where you could choose when levelling is performed:

Album On/Off
Single Track On/Off
Shuffle On/Off

Also something like this could be good:
Level Volume when track volume differs from target volume by: xxx

So most tracks do not get touched, but when the volume falls outside a particular range the volume levelling kicks in.

That is not so easy.
What is the behaviour if you start playing an album and later add single tracks to the queue? Or radio kicks in after the album.

And what I don’t like about your idea, is that the volume level is jumping between albums and I have albums with really big differences. For me the current auto mode is perfect and I can listen the whole day to different albums or shuffle something and don’t need to adjust the volume of my amp. And with the 24-Bit processing there is no loss in quality.

yep… I can see your points for sure - and I’m not suggesting it should be imposed, just that it would be nice to have the option.

I think that in my scenario if you start playing an album and then add more tracks, once the album finishes you are in ‘single-track mode’. Radio is also single-track mode.

The reason I don’t feel I need levelling during album play, is that adjusting the volume on my amp manually, once or twice an hour is really not a big hardship.

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Some internet radio stations play louder than others (JB Radio-2 for example plays louder than everything else!).
If a playlist is made with tracks from different sources some tracks are louder than others.

It will be very nice to have an option to apply the zone volume leveling for the internet radio or playlist (or both, or whatever) only.

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I don’t like to use the volume leveling option for album playback, but at times it would be nice when playing music for background (such as in the office or during a party). So I was thinking that an option for ‘auto volume leveling’ for Radio (Roon or live) and Shuffle play would be ideal (and of course can be easily toggled on and off). No idea how hard this might be to implement. Thoughts?

Automatic activation of volume leveling when launching Radio

It would be great to have this option. Whenever you start the radio automatically it will enable the volume leveling (on auto) for the “radio session”.

This can be then switched off once you play a single song or album.

The trigger has to be the “start radio” option.
What do you think?