Volume remote doesn’t work - Squeezebox touch

Have been using my Squezzebox Touch without any issues for a very long time.
Suddenly, I can’t turn volume up/down using Roon app installed on my Ipad. Same issue if using Roon app on my mobile, has also been working untill now without problems.I will just hear some scratching sound. Only possible to ajust volume if done directly on the Touch itself.

All updated and switched off/on without success.

Hi @Redwine,

How do you have your Volume Control set up? Are you using DSP Volume, FIxed Volume or Device Volume in Device Setup? What OS is the Core running?

I am currently using a Squeezebox Touch connected to ROCK and volume control appears to be working as expected for me from within Roon. I would suggest rebooting your Touch, Core and Networking Gear if you haven’t rebooted one of them yet.

Hi Noris,

Solved, an update of OS Windows got me back on track.

Thanks for input!

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Glad to hear that @Redwine!

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