Waiting for Roon server / Intermittent dropouts

Since last update the message Waiting for Roon server keeps popping up and also Intermittent dropouts occur frequently.

Can Roon provide a solution for these problems?
Reinstalling the latest version does not solve these problems.


Fill in the template with your system details that was part of the support form. Or people could guess?
I guess it’s because…

i713 win11(64)
64g ram ddr5
ssd m.2 4tb
ssd 2.5 8tb
tplink 75 triband
1g lan 1gwifi

Waiting for Roon Server …

Since the last update this message is recurring along with frequent dropouts

Quousque abutere tandem, Roon, patientia nostra?

Can you check to see that the Firewall on your PC has the necessary exceptions for the Roon components?

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Hi @Jose_Almeida_Ribeiro,

Were the above suggestions helpful for resolving the Waiting for RoonServer error?

Intermittent dropouts might have a separate underlying cause. Is this problem specific to one Zone, or does it occur when you use the system output on the PC as well?

Please let us know specifically how your endpoints and computer are connected to your network. The more specifically you describe your topology, the more equipped we’ll be to help here.

If the problem is intermittent–Roon works, but intermittently pops up the Waiting icon, how could that possibly be a firewall issue?

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