Wake-On-LAN MacOS

Roon Core Machine

|Nom du modèle :|Mac mini|
| Identifiant du modèle :|Macmini7,1|
| Nom du processeur :|Intel Core i5 double cœur|
| Vitesse du processeur :|2,8 GHz|
| Nombre de processeurs :|1|
| Nombre total de cœurs :|2|
| Cache de niveau 2 (par cœur) :|256 Ko|
| Cache de niveau 3 :|3 Mo|
| Technologie Hyper-Threading :|Activé|
| Mémoire :|8 Go|
| Version du système :|macOS 12.6.1 (21G217)|
| Version du noyau :|Darwin 21.6.0|

Networking Gear & Setup Details

UDM Pro from Unifi
Ethernet connection

Connected Audio Devices

iFi Zen Stream/USB port connected to Atoll DAC 300

Number of Tracks in Library

6 000 tracks

Description of Issue

I have Roon Core installed on a Mac mini 7.1/MacOS Monterey and all is working great except one thing: Roon from control side (from Roon app on iPad or from Roon ARC on Android phone) application is showing a message that Roon Core server is not reachable.
This only appears when the Mac mini is sleeping. Energy saver is configured to allow wake-on-LAN. This works for other services running on the host. The server does wake up from sleep mode when it receives magic packets from the network (the Plex service, for example, wakes up the server when a client application reaches the server from the network).
I did the test to deactivate sleep mode on the server and as soon as the server no longer enters sleep mode the Roon Core remains reachable.
My concern is that I’d like to let sleep mode set on the server to save power consumption and also many hours of work on hardware parts as the server is on all the time.
So my request is to optimize Roon Control part to better manage Wake-On-LAN and allow to have sleep mode activated on the Roon Core when it’s installed on MacOS.

Roon does not support wake on LAN. There is a Feature Request thread for it, if you’d like to add your vote (button at the top of the thread).



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