Wasapi in Windows 10 21H1 update

Would seem that since a recent update the wasapi driver in windows 10 now only works up to 96khz, hi rez tracks at 192 are silent in roon. Same for testing at windows level in sound properties…Has anyone else encountered this issue. I googled and found nothing current. Is there a way to roll back wasapi in windows 10 ??

Unfortunately you give zero info on your set-up, so no one will be able to give qualified feedback, really.
That said I just switched my S.M.S.L M300MKII DAC from going through a RPi DietPi Roon bridge to a direct USB connection from a WIN10 fanless PC core.
Since I have installed XMOS-drivers, I can now choose between WASAPI and ASIO.


WASAPI allows PCM only with a maximum sample rate of up to 384kHz.
ASIO allows PCM up to 768kHz and DSD up to 512.
No limitation to 96kHz here…

So, to get back to your question, were you able to stream192kHz before whatever update you’re referring to, changed nothing else and now can’t?
Or where are we at here?
Please be more explicit to enable us to help you…

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That’s right. The output sample rate from Windows 10 is only limited by the DAC/streamer.

thanx for the replies guys and sorry for lacking info. I am connected to a chord qutest via spdif from a win10 computer—core is on a Nuc… Before recent windows update I was able to stream up to 192 now that is limited to 96.

…via coaxial cable with RCA connectors or a fiber optic cable with TOSLINK?

Fiber optic

Do I understand that correctly, that Roon acts as if playing, but you get no sound, right?
In my experience, reliably getting 192kHz with Toslink often is an edge case.
Gently reseat the Toslink, or even better, try another healthy looking and as short as possible one…
I think the update is unlikely the culprit, rather a chronological coincidence (the latest Microsoft documentation regarding changes to WASAPI seems to be from 01/19/2021).
Is there a driver from Chord for Windows, and if so, has it been changed?
I’m just clutching at straws here…

Wow !
a wiggle of the cord and voila!
The update was coincidental…hardware…loose connection issue.
Many thanx for the clear head!!

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bam… nailed it… enjoy!

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