Wasapi or Asio to use Meridian Explorer 2 on Roon for TIDAL Masters

Hi Roon fellows,
Thanks everyone who showed/shared screen dumps and wrote great explanation, how to put up Meridian Explorer 2 with Roon so it works with TIDAL Masters. But everyone is with Wasapi and not Asio!
I run my Roon, Meridian, B.M.C Pure Dac, Signalyst HQPlayer and Nas.
On a “old” pc laptop and doesn’t get Wasapi working as well as Asio!
Is there some “program etc…” or changing I can do, so Wasapi works better?
I love Roon, TIDAL
So if someone could help me out with my “problem” with Wasapi against Asio, would I be there happy and thankful :wink:.
Thanks from some one that loves Roon and streaming.

All the best,
Anders from Sweden

Does I need to install some software to get Wasapi to working as great as Asio?
Because my “Golden Ears” got the conclusion that Wasapi sounds better, sometimes (on some Albums)!
So is it a little bit cooler that It’s show that how the hardware (DAC’s), looking!
But it’s drops out or lost contact with Roon after a while, sometimes after one song but sometimes it takes a little longer time until it stops?
I just want stuff working! I mean if Roon or only specific hardware works with it, it wouldn’t be able to chose on Roon! But’s my opinion about it!
Thankful for help if there is a way to solve this problem :pray: